Roose's Playoff Predictions - Divisional

Wednesday, January 9, 2008 ·

OK after a 4-0 Wild card week for me, I correctly picked New York, Seattle, Jacksonville, and San Diego to move on to the Divisional round. We already had 2 "upsets" with wild card Giants and Jags winning. Will a few more upsets occur? I picked no as the #1 and #2 seeds should advance to face eachother in the Conference championships.

AFC: The AFC is featuring 2 very anticipated match ups. The first of these is the Saturday game, #5 Jacksonville at #1 New England. After a 16-0 season, the first of it's kind, the Patriots are the pretty pick ot win it all. They have a tough road ahead of them as the other 3 AFC teams are very tough as well as the winner of the NFC. The Jaguars are known for beating good teams as they have proven in the past. Their no-name defense and ground-oriented offense could pose a threat to NE. The Pats are favored heavily but the under-estimated Jaguars will keep it close but fail.
Pick: NE over JAX

The Sunday game features the #3 Chargers, who are coming off a close game against Tennessee, versus the #2 Colts, who are now healthy and ready to defend their championship. The Colts quietly went 13-3, while the Patriots took all the spot light. The Colts enjoy being the under-dog. With Marvin Harrison back, all Peyton needs to do is find his ryhthm with him and they will lock up victory. The Chargers don't seem to stand a chance unless LT can run all over the defensive line who is featuring the return of Dwight Freeny.
Pick: IND over SD

NFC: The Saturday game features the #3 Seahawks going to Lambeu Field to face #2 Green Bay Packers. Brett Favre is looking to cap off a magical season, and probably career, with a Super Bowl ring. The Seahawks, who got 14 of their points from the defense last week, needed the whole game to put away the fighting Redskins. Hasselback has shown he is an interception machine and with the secondary the Packers have, it could get worse. The run defense, led by AJ Hawk and Nick Barnett will look to shut down the inconsitent Shaun Alexander. Look for domination as Green Bay wins easily.
Pick: GB over SEA

The Sunday game will be played in the great state of Texas (yea ok) where bad presidents come from. The #5 Giants look to knock off hated rival #1 Dallas. Going into the final weeks of the season, Dallas has played awful, getting shut down by Philadelphia, a team absent from the playoffs, and Washington, a team getting knocked out last week. Tony Romo has been very poor to finish off the regular season while T.O. got hurt in week 16. He is expected to play and maybe his efforts will be "heroic." The Giants are coming off of a solid win over Tampa but another inconsitent QB, Eli Manning, is leading them. He could wind up throwing 3 TD's or 3 picks. He needs to prove if he really is as tough as his Ecko Citizens watch.
Pick: DAL over NY


Justin Evans said...
January 9, 2008 at 6:14 PM  

Dwight Freeney cannot return. He is on the IR.

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