Kyle Lohse and the Phillies?

Saturday, January 12, 2008 ·

The Philadelphia Phillies have re-opened talks with Kyle Lohse and his agent Scott Boras. Lohse has lowered his demands to now 3 years and somewhere around 25 million. A deal like this is doable for the Phillies and would not be entirely bad. Is he worth a little over 8 million? No, however, Adam Eaton is not worth 8 million and this is the market we live in. In reality, he probably deserves 2 years, 8-10 million. He has been a pretty mediocre pitcher, but he did pitch decent for us and could be a big lift to our rotation.

Lohse had said he down to three clubs, but the teams have not been released.

Recently, Ruben Amaro Jr. participated in a chat with

- They are discussing the upgrade of third base. They have had discussions with Pedro Feliz, who would be a great upgrade defensively, but he pathetic offensively.
- It is unlikely that the Phillies will re-sign Jose Mesa.
- Also, it is unlikely that they will pursue Bartolo Colon.


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