Sixers Suffer Defeat...

Thursday, November 1, 2007 ·

Another 76ers' season opener, another defeat. They definitely played like the 76ers we've come to know and love. They fell behind by more than 20 points and brought them back to within 1, but the Sammy Dalembert fouled Bargnani on a made three pointer. The Sixers finally lost 106-97. They really need to find away to have some perimeter defense or they are going to be destroyed by team that can hit jump shots.

Jason Smith and Rodney Carney played well off the bench for the young Sixers. The Sixers first pick of last year's draft, Thaddeus Young, saw absolutely no playing time.

It looks as a sign of things to come. 1 down, 81 to go to a top 3 overall pick and free agency!

In other news, the Sixers did not reach a deal with Andre Iguodala and they are now unable to negotiate with him until July 1st.

Also, if you didn't notice, Steve Mix is no longer doing 76ers games along side Marc Zumoff, but instead we have Bob Salmi. The jury is still out on him.


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