Ryan's Eagles Rant

Tuesday, November 6, 2007 ·

Below or the words of Ryan, I (Justin) did not contribute to this piece in any way other than editing.

Never ever have I left a football game early. I did leave a Phillies game early, but it was going into extra innings and Bill P. can tell you, I was fading and had to work at 5am the next day.

ButI could not take it anymore, I just could not do it.

So fuckers, this season is O V E R...OVER. Lets see what we can do to improve our team this offseason:

1. Peace out Kearse
2. Peace out Reid - Johnson and Mornhinweg
3. Peace out McNabb
4. Gocong - have you seen matt McCoy?
5. Tom Heckert - bye
6. LJ - thanks for the memories
7. Resign TKO....3 year deal or at least fucking offer it to him
8. Explore the Chad Johnson's availability; then do whatever the Bengals want.
9. Draft the future Dawkins with the first pick we have. The following picks should be spent on stud LB's and DB's all during the first three rounds.

Something is missing from this team. We are plain vanilla ice cream with no sprinkles, cherry or butterscotch. We need attitude. A nasty fucker who wants to play and hit hard. Do you remember the days when we KNEW that when the teams that came into Philly knew they were going to feel pain? Those days, I hate to say it, are gone. The organization is not hiding the direction that this team is going. A change must be made from top to bottom.


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