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Monday, November 26, 2007 ·

Patriots 31, Eagles 28

If for some reason you were stuck in a barn, you missed the Eagles' best and most well-prepared performance of the season. For those stuck on the '22 point underdog' you would have seen the Eagles pull off the most unthinkable upset according to NFL history. Why the Eagles were ranked as the Patriots worst opponent thus far, I'm still not sure, but they played great football the entire game.

After AJ Feeley's pick 6 on the third play of the game, we all thought the rout was on; however, AJ played great football for the rest of the way. Feeley finished with 27 completions for 345 yards passing. He also added 3 touchdowns (along with 3 interceptions) as he was able to spread the ball to 8 different receivers. AJ Feeley was sacked only twice as he got the ball out quickly, something Donovan McNabb continuously fails at. The Eagles were also 8-13 on third down conversions. The Patriots overcame our offensive attack, but our offense did outscore the Patriots offense. AJ Feeley played well enouh to deserve another start until McNabb is 100%, obviously he was too injured to even be at the game.

Jim Johnson's 'joker scheme' seemed to work very well and I'd be happy to see them institute that in the future. The only problem we had was the fact that we do not have a quality third corner to stop Wes Welker. Will James, who is still injured and Joselio Hanson is not the answer. The NFL is now a pass-happy league and it seems there is now more of a need for 3 quality corners.

Time to work back to .500. It is such a weird feeling to know if we had won that game, we'd have the 6th seed in the playoffs. Thank you Kurt Warner and Jason Campbell for help keeping us alive.


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