Where do we lay the blame?

Monday, October 22, 2007 ·

It could be any of the following:

1 - Andy Reid? His terrible decisions to go with the pass to run down the clock again. He just loves choking in must win games. His awful red zone play-calling.
2 - Reggie Brown? His dropped touchdown continued our red zone blues.
3 - The rest of receiving corps? Their inability to get separation against man-press coverage is terrible.
4- Sean Considine? The constant view of our safeties with their backs to the ball while the receiver catches it for a touch down. How about when his little self jumped for the big hit and missed the receiver completely as he got more yards after the catch.
5- The Prevent to Lose Defense? - Throughout the entire game the Eagles had very little pressure on Griese and it continued to show on the final drive. The Bears WRs find all the holes in our zone.
6 - Jeffrey Lurie? Sure, he does not have a direct impact on this game, but he has had an impact on the season and seasons in the past. He is afraid to go after the risky, pricey free agent target and instead extends Andy Reid's terrible draft picks to long-term deals.
7- The Refs? Juqua Thomas was tackled on the touchdown throw, but there was no call. Also, the call against William James for defensive holding when it was clearly shown that he never held the receiver or came close to it and it was really the first time that a Eagles DB actually pressed a receiver well. The play was third down and Griese was sacked on it, but they got a new set of downs because of the bogus penalty
8 - Us? Did we over-hype this team too much, even when we know they did not fill one hole through free agency or the draft besides bringing in Spikes. We all know we needed not one, but two new safeties for depth or the starting strong safety job along with help at corner. We knew we really needed help at the wide receiver position. But we deemed the team to beat in possibly the NFC or the NFC East. Shame on us.

So what do you want to happen now? We're already 1-4 against the NFC and we would need to go 7-3 over the rest of the season just to finish 9-7. Is it worth it anymore to jeopardize a decent draft pick? I mean seriously, if this team made the playoffs this season, they do not have enough to win one game, let alone 3 to get to the super bowl.

Does it really matter if Andy Reid is still on the sidelines and drafting the players anyway?

Let this one sink in...Temple University has more wins on Lincoln Financial Field than the Philadelphia Eagles and more wins in general...Temple!


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